Business Proposal

TRISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, being a leading manufacturer of Authentic Gemstone and Diamond Studded Gold jewelry. Tristar has been working in close association with Leading brands of Jewellery in India and other countries. Tristar has also been awarded by Tanishq Jewellery ( A TATA Brand in India) for its exemplary contribution in Gem & Jewellery Field.

TRISTAR has recently diversified the application of gemstone and jewelry concept into corporate gifts, interior products and spiritual products like gemstone cufflinks, gemstone key rings, gemstone coasters, gemstone candle stands, gemstone pyramid swastik (vastu-energiser) etc. Tristar invites the intents from prospective associates or franchisee who wish to enter into the market of high end, luxurious, exclusive Astro Gems, Jewellery & handicraft products for elite class.

If you wish to be part of ambitious plan of Tristar to enter into beautiful world of gems and jewelry. Please contact us. There are following business opportunities to fulfill your aspirations.

  • Franchisee
  • Marketing Associates
  • Manufacturing Associates
  • Sales Associates

Franchisee: Franchisee/company/firms having interest to market, Tristar exclusive range of products into their region shall enter into the franchise agreement with TIC with a minimum franchise fees based on market volume and region. TIC will support the franchise to setup the suitable marketing strategy and shall provide designs, price module, packaging, inventory control, and other logistic support.. TIC will also impart basic training module to franchise to understand insight of gem and jewelry trade. Prices shall be quoted in one of the following currencies: Indian Rupees (INR), US Dollars (USD), Great British Pound (GBP), or Euro (EURO). Prices exclude VAT (Value Added Tax)/CST.

Marketing Associates: The individual or consultant having aspiration to fulfill the dream of being an entrepreneur with no cost. TIC will train them to understand the concept of gems and jewelry to market Jewellery, innovative corporate gifts and astro/birth gems. These associates will work under Tristar banner and market these products to corporate houses, pharmaceutical companies, auto industries, gift dealers and other avenues. The associates will work in their spare time and earn a handsome revenues on their marketing skills.

Manufacturing Associates: Tristar invites jewelry designer, interior designer, and product designers to work with Tristar, having in-house facilities of gems, jewelry and other exclusive products. Designers will work in close association with Tristar to transform their designs into reality with quality assurance & economical cost. Tristar having versatile experience in Gem & Jewellery Field will help Designers to revolutionize their design inputs to accomplish the task of fulfilling their client’s dream.

Sales Associates: The aspirants- working and non-working women, who have a dream to enter into jewelry business in their social groups, clubs, and to relatives. They are welcome to fulfill their dream with the full support of Tristar with minimum investment.